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Gulf Akash JV enter into exclusive supply agreement with Targray to offer biodiesel out of the Buckeye Terminal in Hartford, Illinois

Through their existing Joint Venture, Gulf Hydrocarbon Partners, Ltd (GHP) and Akash Energy Inc. have collaborated with Targray Industries to offer biodiesel out of the Buckeye Terminal in Hartford, Illinois. The terminal is located at Buckeye Terminal, 220 East Hawthorne St. Hartford, IL 62048 and supports 24/7 loading. Gulf Hydrocarbon Partners, Ltd., has offered biodiesel out of this location since 2010, but shut down operations at the end of 2012 due to tough economic conditions in the biodiesel market. “The blend economics inverted at the end of 2012, providing little incentive for our customers to integrate biodiesel in their distribution streams.” said Jess Hewitt, President of Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc. “With the reinstatement of th... [more]

AD plants reach 100 - gas data comment

Gas Data Ltd has welcomed the news that commercial Anaerobic Digestion has reached the 100 plant mark. Gas Data, a Midlands-based firm that manufactures portable and fixed biogas monitoring systems, plans to help grow the industry even more over the next five years. Derrick Timms, sales manager of Gas Data, says: "People are waking up to the potential of AD and helping the UK to move away from its reliance on fossil fuels. We've also seen a number of new entrants into the market with the doubling of manufacturers in the industry. This demonstrates the perceived opportunity for growth." Gas Data has also been appointed as an approved supplier to provide analytical instruments for monitoring gas on the UK's first commercial bio methan... [more]


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Why BioFuel Energy (BIOF) Stock Is Surging Today
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Shares of BioFuel Energy Corp. are soaring 9.08% to $7.21 on Wednesday after it disclosed that it entered into a definitive voting agreement and commitment to confirm the terms of a proposed rights offering with shareholder Greenlight Capital, according to an SEC document filed yesterday.Greenlight Capital disclosed a 35.4% stake in Biofuel in the filing. Must Read ...

Why BioFuel Energy (BIOF) Stock Is Gaining Today
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Shares of BioFuel Energy Corp. are up 1.21% to $6.70 after it said the Nasdaq Listings Qualifications Panel issued it a favorable decision and said the ethanol producer can continue to list on the Nasdaq Capital Market provided it completes its acquisition with JBGL Builder Finance LLC, on or before November 4.The Panel's determination follows the company's hearing on ...

First International Commercial Flight Completed With Newly Approved Amyris-Total Aviation Biofuel
EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- Yesterday, Amyris , an industrial bioscience company, partnered with Brazilian airline, GOL, to fly the industry's first commercial flight with farnesane, the recently approved renewable ...

NRDC Report Helps Guide Major Fuel Buyers to Sustainable Biofuels Procurement
WASHINGTON (July 29, 2014)—Amid increasing interest in alternative transportation fuels, a new report shows how federal agencies and other large commercial customers can buy sustainably produced biofuels and avoid those linked to major deforestation, destroyed wildlife habitat and fouled waterways.

Eco-Energy Continues to Advance its Leading Global Ethanol Platform
Eco-Energy, the leading biofuel supply chain company, is pleased to announce the growing partnership with Midwest Ag Energy. Eco-Energy has signed a multiyear deal with Dakota Spirit AgEnergy in Spiritwood, ND that is scheduled to begin production in early 2015.

Thinning contract: ‘A monumental task’
The logging company many hope will protect forested communities from catastrophic wildfires continues to struggle to marshal a massive effort, but hasn’t yet cut much, participants at a conference on Forest Health learned last week.

Report Guides Buyers on Sustainable Biofuels Procurement
A new report aims to help bulk fuel purchasers determine the most sustainably produced biofuels and avoid those produced using unsustainable practices.

Frost & Sullivan: Plant Health Improvement Agents Enable Growers to Do More with Less
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The plant health improvement agents (PHIA) market, which consists of micronutrients, synthetic fertilizers and plant growth regulators (PGRs), is growing ...

Why were this company’s computers attacked millions of times this year? Algae.
Florida firm says it holds the key for climate friendly biofuels – and it’s under siege from the Chinese military

Biomass Magazine Launches New Biogas Producer Map Highlighting On-Farm Digesters and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Biomass Magazine announced this week the completion of Biomass Magazine's 2015 U.S. Biogas Producer Map and list. This is the only online map produced that plots the location and status of all U.S. biogas ...


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