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Gulf Akash JV enter into exclusive supply agreement with Targray to offer biodiesel out of the Buckeye Terminal in Hartford, Illinois

Through their existing Joint Venture, Gulf Hydrocarbon Partners, Ltd (GHP) and Akash Energy Inc. have collaborated with Targray Industries to offer biodiesel out of the Buckeye Terminal in Hartford, Illinois. The terminal is located at Buckeye Terminal, 220 East Hawthorne St. Hartford, IL 62048 and supports 24/7 loading. Gulf Hydrocarbon Partners, Ltd., has offered biodiesel out of this location since 2010, but shut down operations at the end of 2012 due to tough economic conditions in the biodiesel market. “The blend economics inverted at the end of 2012, providing little incentive for our customers to integrate biodiesel in their distribution streams.” said Jess Hewitt, President of Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc. “With the reinstatement of th... [more]

AD plants reach 100 - gas data comment

Gas Data Ltd has welcomed the news that commercial Anaerobic Digestion has reached the 100 plant mark. Gas Data, a Midlands-based firm that manufactures portable and fixed biogas monitoring systems, plans to help grow the industry even more over the next five years. Derrick Timms, sales manager of Gas Data, says: "People are waking up to the potential of AD and helping the UK to move away from its reliance on fossil fuels. We've also seen a number of new entrants into the market with the doubling of manufacturers in the industry. This demonstrates the perceived opportunity for growth." Gas Data has also been appointed as an approved supplier to provide analytical instruments for monitoring gas on the UK's first commercial bio methan... [more]


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Come Fry With Me: The Airline Turning Restaurant Grease Into Aviation Fuel
When Finnair flight AY5 touched down in New York this week, passengers might have thought they smelled the delicious aroma of bacon as the Airbus A330 wheels screeched on the tarmac at JFK. That's because the flight from Helsinki was powered by biofuel, part of which is made of grease and [...]

Future of ethanol is murky
EMMETSBURG, Iowa — The first large ethanol plants to produce biofuel from nonfood sources like corncobs are starting operations in the Midwest as the industry worries that they might also be the last

Plan or perish: Why Brazil's biodiesel sector is urging action
The Brazilian government earlier this year approved a bill lifting the proportion of biofuel in the country's diesel blend from 5% to 7%. According to...

Abengoa launches commercial-scale cellulosic biofuel plant in US
Abengoa has launched its second commercial-scale cellulosic biofuel plant in Hugoton, Kansas, located about 90 miles southwest of Dodge City.

Strategic Analysis of the Global Automotive Biofuels Market
NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Asia-Pacific Leads in Global Volume Consumption Growth This research service provides a detailed analysis of the automotive biofuels market in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The scope of the study covers 2 biofuel...

Studies steadily advance cellulosic ethanol prospects
At the Agricultural Research Service's Bioenergy Research Unit in Peoria, Illinois, field work and bench investigations keep ARS scientists on the scientific front lines of converting biomass into cellulosic ethanol.

News Release
BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 3, 2014 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced a $91 million loan guarantee to help finance an innovative advanced biofuel plant in Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

A Washington ferry budget break down for 2015-16 | Ferry Fare
Budgets give us a glimpse into where WSF’s headed … that is if the Legislature agrees. Here’s an overview.

Lufthansa outsources IT infrastructure ops to IBM
German airline Lufthansa said on Wednesday it will outsource its IT infrastructure services to US computer giant IBM to cut costs by 70 million euros ($89 million) annually.

Impact of Bioadhesives in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)
The Research Service titled " Impact of Bioadhesives in Key Sectors" analyzes the impact assessment of bio adhesive in the top three sectors. A detailed market evaluation which includes the market need, the global market adoption and the value chain analysis describes the technological and market impact of various material based bio adhesives on the healthcare, personal care and paper & pulp ...


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